Why Free World?

Why Free World?

Why « Free World »?

Free spirits of all countries, unite!

Only a free life is worth living!

Freedom is the most precious good of the human spirit. It is first of all interior. Even in prison, even if the bodies are fettered, free spirits remain free. Paradoxically, it is precisely because they were free spirits that many human beings were deprived of external freedom. It is because they are inwardly free that many human beings refuse the unworthy of being human. Examples abound. In this sense Freedom is not claimed. It is! Only the one who lives according to his own inner Law is free.

As for outer freedom, as a natural space for the expression of a free spirit, because it is often threatened, it must be constantly protected or defended against numerous encroachments. To restrict your external freedom, the freedom to express yourself, the freedom to come and go as you please, the freedom to live according to your own conscience, there is no shortage of pretexts; it is always for your own good that people want to restrict your freedom, to force you into absurd practices or even to lock you up!

On this subject Benjamin Franklin – one of the « fathers » of America, said: « A people who are willing to lose a part of their liberty for more security will have neither! « .

The site mondelibre.net was born from the awareness of the need to defend external freedom. It is intended to gather all the initiatives in favor of the defense of Freedom and liberties and to make them known to all human beings who love Freedom, everywhere and at all times. First, in the French-speaking world. Then, according to the progression of the idea, later, more widely…

In concrete terms, it is aimed first at human beings managing a business or an association, by allowing them – whatever their field of activity – to stamp the « Friend of Liberty » mark and to make themselves known as such. The « Friends of Liberty » have, on the basis of various Founding Texts such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as their philosophy and objective to limit to the maximum (or, depending on one’s point of view, to the minimum, the constraints imposed on their fellow human beings)

Not to impose anything on others beyond what, according to the precise context, is strictly indispensable, whether it be in matters of security, health, social conduct or anything else, such is the Golden Rule of the Friends of Liberty, as it appears in the Charter of the Free World site.

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